We Offer Kor Teeth Whitening, One Of The Most Advanced Forms Of Teeth Whitening Products Available On The Market Today.

What Is The Best Brand Of Teeth Whitening Products That You Offer?

We offer Kor Teeth Whitening - an eceptional brand. 

KOR teeth whitening

Choosing the best teeth whitening method, poses questions, such as:

  • What’s the cost of KOR teeth whitening?
  • What are the pros and cons of whitening teeth?
  • Will KORwhitening hurt my teeth?

We aim to answer the most commonly asked questions about KOR teeth whitening treatment, to help you get your best smile, and achieve naturally great-looking white teeth.

What the cost of KOR teeth whitening?

KORwhitening treatment costs around $500 in the US.

While most dental insurance plans don’t cover the cost of cosmetic whitening treatments, it’s worth noting that this figure covers the cost of after-care equipment; the products you take home and use to maintain and improve upon results achieved in the dental office.

How long does KOR teeth whitening last?

KORwhitening lasts on average between 12-24 months, though its success depends largely on maintenance and upkeep by the patient. Deciding to have your teeth whitened is a good time to make a few changes, benefitting your teeth. Patients who smoke are likely to see discoloration occurring sooner than those who don’t smoke. Discuss your diet with your dentist before undergoing your whitening process, to ensure optimal results that last.  

How often will I have to have my teeth whitened?

Some patients have teeth whitening intermittently, while others benefit from one whitening session, and succeed in maintaining the results over a longer timeframe, through careful brushing habits as well as avoiding food and beverages which cause staining. 

Are there things I can’t eat or drink after KOR teeth whitening?

There is a wide range of consumables which cause staining on the teeth – even some healthy foods and drinks. Dark berries, both eaten and juiced can cause discoloration, along with soy sauce, curry, flavored sodas and sports drinks, and tea and coffee – especially when drunk without the addition of milk.

Is KOR teeth whitening painful?

The KOR teeth whitening process is not painful, though some patients report a heightened sensitivity afterwards. This is normal, and can be remedied by using toothpastes with sensitivity-combatting formula, and sleeping with guards infused with sensitive toothpaste. Avoiding food and drinks at extreme temperatures is recommended until sensitivity subsides.

Can I use KORwhitening with my Invisalign tray?

Teeth whitening and bleaching agents are pressed towards the gum instead of lying on the teeth in the close-fitting Invisalign tray, leading to the product leaking onto and irritating soft oral tissue, instead of whitening teeth. Invisalign and KORdoesn’t recommend using tooth-whitening products with Invisalign.

Can’t I just whiten my teeth at home with over-the-counter products?

Studies show that good dental hygiene and healthy, attractive teeth occur through a combination of in-office treatments and at-home habits. Combined efforts, which include good brushing and eating behaviors, coupled with additional actions to enhance those practices yields the best results. Over-the-counter products will achieve some results, while professional in-office treatments attain more significant outcomes. A combination of both, in conjunction with good maintenance and eating habits will deliver best results.