What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are like helmets for your teeth. They can get damaged due to misuse or lack of proper cleaning leading to decay, or from old fillings or restorations that no longer fit. If a larger filling is detrimental because it can break the tooth, then we get a dental crown. A crown is like a helmet for that tooth that helps it withstand all the forces of chewing food.

What are the alternatives to dental crowns?

If a doctor has already recommended a crown, then that is probably your best alternative. Sometimes before you get the crown, you can get an inlay or onlay, which would replace part of the tooth but not the entire tooth. You could also be recommended to get a veneer if it's in the front of your mouth. But a crown is recommended when full coverage is necessary.

What type of dental crowns are there?

Crowns can be anterior or posterior, positioned in the front or the back tooth. The other difference could be the material used to fabricate the crown. Crowns can be made out of only metal, which are thin and used for baby teeth. We also have porcelain fused to metal, which was a gold standard in dentistry for over a hundred years. Now, we have crowns made out of synthetic diamond called zirconia, which are the strongest crowns available on the market today. We also have some porcelain crowns available, but the strongest is still zirconia.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each different material used in dental crowns?

Different materials have different implications. For example, Emax crowns are very cosmetically pleasing and usually used in front, however, they're not as strong as zirconia crowns that would be used in the back. The newer generation of zirconia crowns could also be used in the front and they look quite good. In my opinion, those are the best.

Is a dental crown necessary after root canal treatment?

Yes, it is a standard of care in dentistry to get a dental crown after a root canal. The tooth is dead and does not receive any nourishment from the body any longer. It's like a dead tree, not as flexible anymore, a little bit more stiff. If we put a crown on it, it will last a lot longer.

Could you explain the dental crown procedure?

The dentist will remove all fillings and decay from the tooth after numbing you. Then he would make a geometrical form of the crown, something that could receive a crown on it. You would then get either scanned or get an impression for the permanent crown. The dentist would most likely put a temporary crown on it or if it's done on the same day then you will just wait until the crown is fabricated and then the crown would be put on.

Does the dental crown placement hurt?

Dental crown placement does not hurt. You don't even need an injection for the placement of the crown which is done on the second visit of the crown preparation.

Are there any consequences for getting a tooth crown?

You should treat it like your own teeth. It is not possible for you to get a cavity through the crown like you can through your own natural tooth, but you still need to clean it.

Is it worth putting children's teeth in crowns?

If the child has a lot of damage on the tooth, then yes it would be worth it to have the tooth protected with a crown.

Do crowns look like normal teeth?

A lot of times, crowns look better than normal teeth.

Can you get cavities on crown teeth?

You can't get it on the crown because crown materials are not alive and cannot decay, however, your teeth can still decay underneath the crown.

How should I take care of my dental crown?

You should brush and floss your teeth, the same thing with your crowns and see a hygienist regularly.

How long can you expect a dental crown to last?

It varies. Some people who don't take care of their teeth have the crowns fail pretty fast, while others have had their crowns for 20, 30, even 40 years and they don't need a replacement. The newer crowns should last even longer than that.

Does insurance cover dental crowns?

Most insurance companies classify dental crowns as a major procedure. It gives them an opportunity to share the cost with the insured, which is the patient. So they would cover 50% of proposed fee that they would cover.

How can I schedule an appointment for a dental crown?

You can call us here at Steinway Family Dental Center at (276) 288-8721, speak with one of our scheduling coordinators or request an appointment online at alldentalneeds.com.

If there are any further questions, I encourage you to give us a call and come in and we can discuss it in person. Have a good day.

dental-crownsCan Dental Crowns Look Like Real Teeth?

Yes they can. We offer Zirconia dental crowns at our Astoria dentist office. 

Dental Crowns In Astoria Queens: Learn About Zirconia Crowns

We use the finest materials to attach dental crowns. Performed by experienced dentists at our Astoria, Queens location.

When does a dentist use dental crowns or caps? 

We use dental crowns in both restoration and cosmetic dental procedures. It is normally used to repair and restore teeth that have been damaged or have an element of decay or fracturing. The crowns that we use can be made from a variety of different materials. They can be full porcelain crowns which are bonded porcelain fused to the metal. We use porcelain due to its ability to appear as natural as your teeth do as crowns act as a covering for the piece of tooth that may be exposed, darkened or damaged. However we can also use crowns to replace a missing tooth and these crowns are anchored to the teeth on either side of the space.

How Long Will My Dental Crown Take?

Normally a crown will require two appointments. At your first appointment the tooth is prepared using an impression mold. The temporary crown is placed over the prepared tooth. Upon your second visit the temporary crown will be removed and the final crown will be fitted. It’s a simple process that has astounding results and patients are often amazed with the result.

What Are The Types Of Dental Crowns And When Are They Used?

Zirconia Crowns

The process is similar to that for other crowns. It involves two stages: preparation (first stage) and the fitting of the crown (second stage). The first stage is where your teeth are assessed and measured for a crown. The dentist will discuss the procedure with you before preparing your tooth.
A small amount of tooth is removed under a local anesthetic which ensures that the tooth is the correct shape for the crown. An impression is made with dental putty which you will be asked to bite into. This is used as a guide for the production of your new crown at a dental laboratory. The second stage is where you will be fitted with your new crown. The dentist will check its appearance and fit before cementing it into position and it is then given a final polish.

Porcelain Crowns - The Advantages

Learn about the advantages and how we have fitted thousands of crowns at our Astoria, Queens dental practice.

At our Astoria practice our dental crowns procedure offers many unique benefits to patients. Steinway Family Dental Center uses porcelain crowns and zirconia crowns for their unique restorative esthetics appearances.

They allow our dentists to

  • Support a tooth that has been badly damaged by tooth decay
  • Provide an anchor in which to attach a dental bridge
  • Provide a more esthetic appearance for a tooth after it has maybe been discolored after a root canal
  • Hold together a broken or damaged tooth that has been severely cracked or broken.
  • Protect a worn tooth maybe worn down from old age or excessive grinding

Another way in which dental crowns can also be used is to improve the appearance of cracked or misshapen teeth.

They can:
Allow the patient to retain their natural tooth while having it covered with a dental crown, therefore allowing the patient to avoid having the tooth removed and a prosthetic put in its place.

  • Add width or length to unsightly or misshapen teeth
  • Hide and Mask discolorations of the tooth
  • Allow the patient to retain their natural tooth while having it covered with a dental crown
  • Provide a cover for a dental implant

Porcelain crowns not only copy the original tooth but they can be designed to look like the original or even better. The porcelain crowns are ideal for patients who want to have natural looking teeth.

To discuss your options for having a dental crown with Dr. Aleksandr Dayanayev make an appointment today.  A new smile is just an appointment away!