Most Insurances Cover (And It Is Highly Recommended) That You Come In For A Checkup And Cleaning Every Six Months With Your Dentist.

How Often Should I Get A Teeth Cleaning?

At least every six months. 

Checkups and Dental Cleanings are important for your dental health. The dentist uses this time to check for problems that you cannot see or feel. The sooner these problems are detected, the sooner they can be dealt with and preventative measures can be taken.

During your checkup, the hygienist will conduct an initial oral exam of your gums and teeth, document any changes in your overall health, clean and polish your teeth. Your dentist will then conduct an oral exam of your mouth (for signs of cancer and other diseases) as well as make treatment recommendations and answer any questions you may have.

Most insurances cover (and it is highly recommended) that you come in for a checkup and cleaning every six months with your dentist. Making appointments at Steinway Family Dental Center is easy! Just call (276) 288-8721 or schedule an appointment online.


What is the difference between routine dental cleaning and deep dental cleaning?

If you look at the tooth, you can only see the top portion, which is the coronal portion or crown portion. When the cleaning happens up to the gum level, that's a routine dental cleaning and everyone should have one at least every six months. However, if a person has gum disease, meaning the bone support does not come too close to the level of the gum, and the gum is getting puffy and swollen with more and more food getting stuck inside, then we need to get a deep cleaning. In a deep cleaning, the hygienist enters the gum to remove everything that has got stuck in what we call the pocket - the space between the edge of the gum you see and where it actually connects to the tooth.

How painful is the dental cleaning?

Here at Steinway Family Dental Center, we use different levels of pain tolerance helpers. For some patients, it's a painless and comfortable procedure and they don't need any extra medication. However, for sensitive patients, we may use a topical anesthetic - a gel placed around the gums to help deal with minor sensitivity. For those even more sensitive, we have medication placed between the gum and the tooth that numbs the area for up to 40 minutes, allowing a comfortable cleaning with no real injections.

Do the teeth and gum heal after the tartar removal from them?

Yes, they do heal but of course, it requires your maintenance. The hygienist is merely bringing you back to level zero with your gum and teeth health. If you maintain good oral hygiene at home - meaning you brush and floss after that - the condition will improve tremendously and you will see very good results.

Why is deep dental cleaning necessary?

Imagine the crown of the tooth is covered by calculus or tartar sitting inside the gum. In order for that to be removed, the hygienist would have to enter, grab it, and come out with the instrument. This requires a professional, as doing it incorrectly can cause more damage than help. Regular cleaning only goes up to the coronal portion of the tooth, leaving any deposits below that level. These bacteria can still multiply and cause inflammation until they spill over. The best way to prevent this is to see a hygienist and get a cleaning.

How long does the dental checkup take?

We usually schedule dental checkups for one hour. Within that time, you will see your dentist, have your x-rays taken, pictures taken, 3D video scans taken, and you will have your conversation with the dentist. You will also see a hygienist and get your regular dental cleaning. If gum disease is present, then you would have a separate appointment for a deeper cleaning.

Does dental checkup hurt?

Based on most of the patients' feedback, it does not hurt almost at all. There might be some discomfort due to the placement of the x-rays in your mouth or the scan, but there's usually no pain.

How much does the dental cleaning cost?

If you're a new patient here at Steinway Family Dental Center, the cost for that is $149. This includes your dental examination with the x-rays, 3D scan, photographs, dental examination and the cleaning. If you need something deeper than that, then the price is different.

What does the dentist or dental hygienist do at the teeth cleaning appointment?

Appointments like these are usually combined with a dental checkup, so x-rays, pictures, and photographs are taken. After that, we perform an examination and then determine what kind of cleaning is needed. If it's a routine cleaning, the hygienist uses different tools to remove the tartar around and in between your teeth.

Why do my teeth feel weird after cleaning?

Yes, the teeth feel a lot smoother after a cleaning. Also, if you have severe gum disease, the teeth will feel different without all the tartar buildup around them. They feel different because now they're clean, and that's how your teeth feel without any buildups on them.

Does teeth cleaning include cavity fillings?

No, it does not. The cleaning is done by hygienists who are not licensed to perform fillings. Often, there are dentists who can do cleanings and fillings, but the appointment for cleaning is usually not combined with your fillings appointment.

How do I keep my teeth clean after dental cleaning?

The best way to keep them clean is to brush your teeth after each meal. You should also floss regularly.

How do I schedule my dental cleaning appointment?

It's very simple. You can call our office here at Steinway Family Dental Center at (276) 288-8721 or you can go online on and request an appointment. Somebody from the office will contact you to make sure that the time you're asking for is convenient for you and correct for us.