These Bridges Offer A Functional Way To Replace Missing Teeth And Work In Tandem With Crowns To Achieve An Aesthetically Pleasing Result.

dental-bridgesAre Dental Bridges An Alternative To Dental Implants?

Yes they are. Many patients that do not want to get dental implants opt for dental bridges are perfectly happy with them. 

Dental bridges are false teeth that are fused between two porcelain crowns which replace the space left by a missing tooth. The crowns holding it in place are attached upon the teeth on either side of the false tooth. This is called ‘a fixed bridge’ and it can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. A fixed bridge is placed in the mouth with permanent cement versus dentures which can be removed.

Our dentists will first assess your mouth, consult your diagnostic records and take models. Then the actual structure of the bridge is decided upon. These bridges offer a functional way to replace missing teeth and work in tandem with crowns to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result.

The main benefit of dental bridges is that they can last five to 15 years and even longer depending on your oral hygiene. They may also prevent future problems due to missing teeth may cause the surrounding teeth to drift out of their position and help prevent disease and tooth decay.

Most dental insurances will pay a percentage of the fee depending on your dental plan. Our staff can speak to you about different financing options after your consultation with our specialists.