What are the benefits of using laser dentistry compared to traditional methods?

Laser dentistry has benefits compared to traditional dentistry in that you can get fillings without any injections. With laser dentistry, the nerve inside the tooth goes to sleep and then you can drill the tooth without feeling any pain. It also makes the process faster. You can use the tooth right away after putting in the filling. If the decay comes closer to the nerve, I can come closer to the nerve with the laser than I can with the burr and the patient still doesn't feel it. It's a wonderful way of doing fillings without any pain. We can also cut the gum with the laser instead of cutting it with a blade, resulting in no bleeding and less pain.

What are the specific procedures or treatments where laser dentistry is most effective?

Laser dentistry is highly effective for fillings. We can clean out the decay, put a filling in, and save a lot more of the tooth structure. It can also be used in treating sleep apnea. We can hit the soft palate with the laser a certain way to elevate the palate and make it strong again, which can improve snoring conditions. Another procedure is gingivectomies. We can increase the gum and make the tooth look fuller, resulting in a more beautiful smile. These procedures are more comfortable for the patients, there's less bleeding and no downtime.

What safety procedures are in place when using laser dentistry?

Safety is a priority in laser dentistry. We use specific glasses that prevent your eyes from being damaged by the laser. Other than the glasses, the lasers are very safe to use and there's really not much needed for the safety of the use of the laser.

How has laser dentistry evolved and improved over the years?

About 10 years ago, it took me 40 minutes to do a small cavity. Today, I can do the same procedure in literally 2-3 minutes.

Are there any limitations or cases where laser dentistry might not be the optimal choice?

Yes, when you need to take a crown out, especially a metal crown, the laser would not be the correct choice for it. You would still use the burr for that.

How do you stay updated on the latest advancements and research in laser dentistry to provide the best care for your patients?

I take a lot of extra credits every year and also I do go for different conventions, like for example, laser conventions. I participate with other laser clinics and get more training on using the laser.

Can you share success stories or specific cases where laser dentistry made a significant difference in patients' outcomes?

I had a patient who was snoring really hard and it was affecting his family. After we did the sleep treatment with the laser, he stopped snoring altogether. I also have patients who are terrified of getting injections or using the drill. We use laser for those patients and they are completely happy because they haven't experienced that before.

What training and certifications do you and your team have in laser dentistry?

In order for you to use a laser, you do have to be certified. You have to take specific training to ensure it is safe and efficient.

How do you educate your patients about the advantages of laser dentistry and address any concerns they may have?

We help them make a decision by showing them what we can do for them. It is much easier than they had experienced before because laser dentistry is faster, easier, and painless.

Are there any misconceptions about laser dentistry that you commonly encounter and how do you address them?

The most common misconception about laser is that patients question if they are a candidate for it. Yes, anybody could be a candidate for laser dentistry. As for patients that have undergone chemotherapy or radiation therapy and are afraid to come in, laser dentistry is beneficial for them as it kills all the bacteria in the area.

How can potential patients get in touch with you?

If you need any dentistry, you can call us here at Steinway Family Dental Center at (276) 288-8721 or you can request an appointment online.

Pain-Free Dentistry Has Arrived - No Drill, No Noise

Dr. Aleksander Dayanayev is proud to let you know that Steinway Family Dental Center now uses one of the most revolutionary options available in modern dentistry – Solea isotopic CO2 laser for use on the gingiva, dentin, enamel, and bone.

laser-dentistIs Laser Dentistry Safe And Is It Really Pain Free?

Yes it is 100% FDA approved and virtually pain free.

If you are looking for a laser dentist in Astoria, Queens then we are proud to offer pain free laser dentistry using a unique pain free dental laser. This procedure is ideal for patients that have dental phobia and who are uncomfortable with the idea of sedation. The process is ideal for patients that may have to undergo multiple fillings and this was one of the first procedures that Dr. Dayanayev performed using this technology on a patient that needed no anesthesia whatsover. Research has show that when using the Solea laser dentistry appliance that 95% of procedures can be performed using no anesthetic. 

Luckily this means that not only will you not have to undergo sedation but that you will not have the usual lip swelling and numbness that is associated with these dental procedures. At Steinway Family Dental Center we can incorporate this procedure into your treatment protocol - the great benefit being that later that day with no lip swelling or numbness, nobody will even know that you were at the dentist. 

At Steinway Family Dental Center you now have a pain free method available to treat cavities as we are one of the only practices in Queens offering laser dentistry and one of the few practices in Astoria. So now there is no need to worry about having painful dental procedures and removing decayed areas with our laser dentistry is very easy procedure. 

Now you can have cavities treated using SOLEA - a pain free way to treat cavities:

If you are worried about cavities and have put off seeing the dentist then now is the time to see the dentist before any condition that you may have gets worse. Cavities can lead to severe decay and can lead to root canal treatments needing performed or possibly even dental extractions. Here at Steinway Family Dental Center we would remove all decay using our dental laser and fill those areas of decay with composite resin. No more need for amalgam fillings. We can now replace amalgalms fillings with composite resin fillings and we have a very easy and safe process to remove the amalgam fillings using the SOLEA laser. This means that when we do give you amalgam fillings we can do so by matching the color of your teeth. This allows for a more cosmetic approach to dentistry and people looking at your teeth when you smile will not see even know that you had fillings as they will blend in with your teeth.

Get Cavities Treated The Pain Free Way.

When we are using the SOLEA laser device to remove decay it allows the precision laser to remove the decay and disinfect it so that a filling can be placed immediately after. Now you can have cavities treated using SOLEA - a pain free way to treat cavities. Here we have answered a few questions about SOLEA:

Can Laser Dentistry Using SOLEA Repair A Gummy Smile?

SOLEA laser dentistry allows for a virtually pain free process of cavity removal. Patients undergoing this form of treatment do not need any anesthetic at all. The composite resin fillings are general more expensive than amalgam fillings with the results and benefits outweigh the price. If you have insurance most of the cost of composite resin fillings will be covered by insurance. So in the end you may only have to pay the difference between the cost of amalgam fillings and the composite resin fillings. 

Is SOLEA Laser Dentistry Known To Be An Invasive Procedure?

SOLEA laser dentistry is far less invasive than using a traditional handpiece or any other dental instruments. The beauty of SOLEA laser dentistry is that it makes healing time much quicker than regular procedures. Normally when patients have anesthesia they leave the office with a numb feeling. With SOLEA laser dentistry you can go straight back to lunch or back to work without that numb feeling in your mouth or a swollen jaw. 

 What Should I Do If I Am Interested In This Procedure?

If you are looking for a laser dentist in Astoria or Queens are looking to find out more about this procedure then it is best to call our office on (276) 288-8721. Laser dentistry using SOLEA is one of the biggest advancements in dentistry in recent years and will allow patients to overcome their dental fears due to the fact that the procedures are virtually painless. For any patients looking to learn more please call our office on (276) 288-8721. We look forward to treating you in a pain free environment and this is a great way to have procedures performed without the fear of pain or the noise of a drill.